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Your company's needs for productivity and cost containment are unique to you. That's why we offer a portfolio of staffing solutions from which you can pick and choose. By allowing our company to be a part of your business strategy, we can help design staffing solutions that have a positive impact on your bottom line. Whether you need short-term project work, or fully outsourced departments, you can count on us!

Temporary Staffing - When your staffing need is immediate, whether due to expansion, leaves or seasonal increases in business, A.S.A.P. Services is here to help. We can supply from 1 to 100 people for assignments lasting 1 day to 1 month or longer. Some of the benefits of our short term and fill-in staffing programs are:

  • 24 hour availability
  • Four hour guarantee
  • Customized computer testing, training, and skills matching
  • Infinite skills classifications
  • In-depth customer profiles
  • Quick response guarantee
Temp-to-Hire - When you are looking for the right individual or group of individuals to join your team, our temp-to-hire program is the best choice for you. We handle the recruiting, testing, interviewing and payrolling costs while you evaluate the employee(s) for a conversion period specified by you. After the employee has completed the conversion period, you are free to hire this individual at no further cost to you. With our temp-to-hire program, you truly have the chance to "try before you buy".

Consider some of the benefits of our temp-to-hire program:
  • Reference checked, skilled and reliable employees
  • Avoids recruiting and termination costs
  • Reduced turnover due to unskilled employees
  • Multiple recruiting locations
  • Increased administrative efficiency
  • Customized training and orientation programs
Payrolling - Many of our clients already have a stable group of employees but desire a way to reduce the administrative burden associated with payrolling employees. Our payrolling option allows you focus on production while we take care of payroll associated burdens for your employees. Some of the features of our payrolling program are:
  • All state/federal reporting as required
  • Withholding of employee and employer FICA, FUTA and SUTA contributions
  • Weekly employee paychecks
  • Deductions for garnishments, judgements and other items
  • W-2 responsibility
  • Utilization reports
  • Benefit programs for extended assignment lengths
  • Rapid hire availability

Vendor on Premises - With larger staffing programs, it is often impossible to monitor the overall success and individual areas of the program. Companies who typically have 50 or more temporary employees at one time often must devote considerable time and resources to manage the staffing program effectively. In addition to gathering and maintaining time slips and job order requisitions for new employees, such items as orientation, safety, training, and employee relations must be handled by someone. Many companies must either hire additional personnel to handle these duties, or place additional demands on already overworked employees. For these reasons, we introduced our "on site" program several years ago.

At your request, A.S.A.P. Services will provide an individual responsible for the duties listed above, as well as any other duties deemed necessary by you. This individual will be stationed at your facility, but will remain an A.S.A.P. Services employee indefinitely. All costs associated with the compensation of this individual will be the responsibility of A.S.A.P. Services*.

Imagine the ease of having an individual stationed at your facility who will: order temporary employees from A.S.A.P. Services based on your needs, monitor performance and attendance of all temporary employees, provide safety and procedure training for all temporary employees, gather and complete payroll/timeslip processing each week, handle routine problems for all temporary employees, and much more. AT NO COST TO YOU!

As you can see, the benefits of an effective on site program are many. You will have more time to focus on "core" duties while the on site representative increases profits and reduces turnover.

The typical structure of an on site program is as follows:

  • A.S.A.P. Services, Inc. will provide an individual responsible for duties named above, as well as others deemed necessary by client.
  • A.S.A.P. Services, Inc. will provide for all compensation, benefits, and other payroll related expenses associated with this position.
  • Client will provide office space, or other suitable area, for location of the on site coordinator.
  • Client, in conjunction with A.S.A.P. Services, will provide training to the on site coordinator as related to his or her duties.
  • Client enters into an **exclusive staffing agreement with A.S.A.P. Services, Inc.
* Compensation of on site coordinator by A.S.A.P. Services, Inc. only available in conjunction with exclusive staffing agreement

** Exclusive staffing agreement means that all orders for temporary labor or other contingent staffing needs will be placed with A.S.A.P. Services, Inc.. In the event that A.S.A.P. Services, Inc. is unable to provide employees to client within 24 hours of the assignment start date, client, at his/her option, may contact other vendors for fulfillment of orders outside of 24 hour guarantee period only.

In addition to the programs listed above, A.S.A.P. Services offers a wide range of staffing services that can be customized to your particular needs.

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